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Despre proiect
Stories Out of The Box este un proiect unic care a pornit de la o simpla idee si s-a transformat intr-un proiect ambitios. 

De ce este un proiect unic ? 

     1) Tot profitul obtinut prin intermediul acestui proiect va fi donat in scop caritabil catre Fundatia Te Aud Romania 
     2) Cartea si soricelul de jucarie Maya dau viata proiectului
     3) Mesajul cartii este: "Puterea ta este diferenta"

Precum cele mai frumoase povesti pentru copii, Soricelul Maya s-a nascut din pasiune, curiozitate,un hobby si mai ales din dragoste!

Stories Out Of The Box is quite a unique project which started as a Mole(Mouse)hill and is fast turning into a Mountain! 

Why is it unique?

     1) All the profits go to an amazing charity, Te Aud, based in the North-East of Romania

     2) The book and toy, literally, go hand-in-hand, one they have popped out of the box!

     3) The book’s message is that difference is strength!

Like all the best stories, Maya the Mouse was born out of curiosity, an over-active hobby and love!  

Cele mai noi produse
"I think actually children might see themselves in Maya – forgetting her coat, understanding how their difference is what makes them unique, and ultimately the understanding of the importance of doing what they are told, as well as the "strength of difference” 

- Daniel Kearvell
"Copii se pot regasi in personajul Maya - uitandu-si haina, intelegand cum diferentele lor ii fac sa devina unici si, in cele din urma intelegand importanta de a face ceea le li se spune, precum si "puterea diferentei" 
- Daniel Kearvell
Parteneri care ne sustin proiectul

Fara ajutorul partenerilor nostri , nu am fi putut sustine proiectul Stories Out Of The Box!
Va multumim tuturor!

Without these amazing partners, we wouldn’t have been able to take Stories Out Of The Box, well, out of its box! Thank you to you all!

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